Pointsgram Fuels Retention

Boost customer loyalty and retention with Pointsgram – our network is your trusted partner in bringing customers back for more

The Tools Local Businesses Need!

Keep your customers coming back for more, tap into a rapidly expanding community of local shoppers, and gain access to incredible insights with Pointsgram for Business

Community-based Loyalty

Easily set up and leverage our platform to start rewarding your customers, while joining our fast-growing network of local shops and customers for more impactful loyalty rewards

Date and Insights

Pointsgram empowers you to gain insights into your customers' behavior, retention statistics, increased spending, and more. Our data and reporting support you in making informed decisions

Exclusive Offers

Using Pointsgram, we empower you to create custom offers that reach not only your customers but also the entire Pointsgram network, making it an effective way to attract a broader audience

Targeted Outreach

Utilize Pointsgram's expansive network as an outreach channel, enabling customers to locate your shop on the map and browse your offers, taking advantage of the network effect.

What is Pointsgram for Customers?

We're a pioneering community-driven loyalty program that allows customers to earn and use points across the network, enhancing their local shopping experience. Moreover, our users can access exclusive offers, refer friend.

The Power of Pointsgram’s Community-driven Loyalty Model

Working with the best local brands

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